And we're Blogging! Startup Events Forever!

Hey there!  Thanks for checking out the Easier Events blog powered by Startup Event Solutions (aka… me, Xander Castro).  

I am the owner of Startup Event Solutions - where we plan incredible events so you don’t have to.   Whether you are building your product, working on securing funding, getting ready to sell, or any other stages of your company’s lifecycle, your time is money. Why bother learning the in's and out's of the beast that is an event when you can focus on what you do best?

Remember how long it took for you to learn your first language?  Or for you to develop your first app, or software product, or whatever your company does?  

It takes an average of 20 hours to plan a small meeting or event if you know how to do it.  Multiply that 3-4 times if it is your first time.  You get the picture.  

Trust me.  We do it better, will do it faster, and you can be as involved in the process as you'd like. 

We will use this blog to feature events from some of our closest friends, prove how valuable events can be for your business, and give you some tips and tricks for how to use events to win.