Startup Events: Can I Get A Definition, Please?

Startup Events: Can I Get A Definition, Please

I get asked daily what planning startup events means. Mostly from non-startup folks, but sometimes it comes from those within the startup community.

It’s very simple. Really.

A startup event is any event that… wait for it … a startup is looking to plan.  

Okay - Mr. Mlodzik always yelled at me for defining a term by using the term… so let’s bust out Websters for a moment:


nounoften attributive \ˈstärt-ˌəp\

: a new business

Well that was less than helpful.  Lets try another source - the great, dreaded “don’t ever cite this” Wikipedia.  They say:

A startup company or startup or start-up (sometimes referred as innovative SME) is an entrepreneurial venture or a new business in the form of a company, apartnership [sic - silly wikipedia] or temporary organization designed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model.

Techcrunch also has a made up fact driven definition if you want to check it out.  

An event is an event - you know what it is Chuck, don’t get mad at me for assuming basic vocabulary knowledge.

Startup Events are just like a charity, school, public or social events.  They are just another way to categorize the type of event you're planning (Note: Startup Events are not weddings, thank GOD.)  

I will define them as events that new businesses use to launch their products, assert authority on a subject matter, or cultivate a community related to their business.  

Startup events seem to be unique because they almost always have highly defined audiences, goals, and likely a restrictive budget.  We will dig into the reasons for planning a startup event and the types of events out there for startups in a future blog post.  

Anyway - I really like working with startups to create incredible live events.  We can talk about how Startup Event Solutions does a better job of it than you can yourselves later, but know that someone is in your corner.