About Startup Event Solutions

Startup Event Solutions was launched with a very simple purpose: We plan events for startups who don't have the time to do it themselves. Whether you are building your product, working on securing backing, selling, closing, or any other key jobs to make your company a success, your time is money.  Why bother learning the in's and out's of the beast that is an event when you can focus on what you do best? 

Remember how long it took for you to learn your first programming language?  Or for you to develop your first app, or software product, or whatever your company does?  

It takes an average of 20 hours to plan a small meeting or event if you know how to do it.  Multiply that 3-4 times if it is your first time.  You get the picture.  

Trust us.  We do it better, will do it faster, and you can be as involved in the process as you'd like.  We love to teach!

About Xander Castro

photo credit: lauren b photography

photo credit: lauren b photography

Xander Castro is the owner of Startup Event Solutions.  He loves dogs (but doesn't have one), travel, and planning incredible events.  He got his solo start working with ODesk/Elance/Upwork clients, serving the startups where they are, when they are.  He has been planning event for 7 years, ranging from conferences, meetings, grand openings, product launches, music festivals, networking/social events more. He has a few awards, serves on a few board of directors, and is an all around great guy.  And he one of the hardest workers you will ever meet.